About: Marie Parc

I'm a southern California native, and mom to three young adults. To support my life-long word-tweaking habit, I've worked as a banker, graphic designer, real estate agent, bartender, and dental assistant. Things I love (in no particular order): quiet spaces; forests, oceans, and rivers; long, late-night conversations about profound mysteries; pizza; "The Doomsday Book" by Connie Willis and "From Where You Dream" by Robert Olen Butler; huge orchestral pieces like Brahms' "Academic Festival Overture", and sultry jazz tunes like Norah Jones' "Turn Me On"; campfires; road trips; mixing up a drink or two with my "kids" when they visit; wrapping myself in a warm, fleecy blanket on a lazy autumn morning. The dream that gets me out of bed every day: I'm escaping this SoCal madness and the consumer-driven hamster wheel... I'll head north and rent a floating home on the Columbia River for a year... I'll buy about ten acres and build a tiny house or cob cottage... eventually I'll add a few more tiny houses, for writers who need life to let up for a while so they can work on their projects... and, somewhere along the way, I'll publish a half-dozen novels of my own. That's the plan, at least... but I'm sure life has a surprise or two in store. Whatever comes, I'll roll with it. Meanwhile, if I've written something that interests you, please drop me a note and say hi. I look forward to our exchange of ideas.

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